Deitsch Web-TV: Pennsylvania Dutch New Year’s Wish

Mir sinn froh, ass die Linda un der Mike Hertzog widder rumgezogge sinn darich die deitsche Gegende un der traditional pennsylvanisch-deitsch Neiyaahrswinsch gewwe henn. Sie duhne sell nau inschtatts vum Peter Fritsch (1945-2015), en guuder Freind, ass mer all verlore henn zwee Yaahr zerick. Der Mike un die Linda schpiele etliche Mol. Des do Video weist ab, wie sell geguckt un gelaut hot bei unser Freind Bill Meck (wu aa in 2017 en “Hanswascht” waar un aa in 2018 sei watt, gell!). Hallich Nei Yaahr zu alliebber im alte un im neie Land!


One response to “Deitsch Web-TV: Pennsylvania Dutch New Year’s Wish

  1. Linda Keller Rehrig

    My Mom & Dad, Earl Keller, spent many, many years going around Berks and Lehigh County doing the New Years Wish. I found this website today by accident when I went looking for the article Peter wrote a few years ago showing the Deitsch and English version of the Wish. Still did not find that article but glad I found your web page. Great music. We miss all of them, but appreciate keeping the tradition alive. I am sure they are all in a very good place with all their friends. God Bless

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