The “German-Pennsylvanian Archive” (Deutsch-Pennsylvanisches Archiv) is a collection of books, manuscripts, audio files, etc. about the “Pennsylvania German” language and culture. The archive is located in the Palatinate, Germany. It was founded in 1993 by Dr. Michael Werner, publisher of the Pennsylvania German newspaper “Hiwwe wie Driwwe”. The archive is a member of the German-Pennsylvanian Association” (Deutsch-Pennsylvanischer Arbeitskreis e.V.) in Germany. In 2017, the German-Pennsylvanian Archive was donated to the “Mennonite Research Center” (Mennonitische Forschungsstelle) at Weierhof (Palatinate, Germany). Actually, the archive consists of about 1,500 books and more than 16,000 texts of Pennsylvania German prose and poetry. At the new location, the collection is available to the public.

More Information:
Deutsch-Pennsylvanisches Archiv
c/o Mennonitische Forschungsstelle Weierhof
Contact: Astrid von Schlachta

Link: Deutsch-Pennsylvanisches Archiv